A 30-day adventure for solopreneurs who want to craft A BRAND THAT stands out from the masses and feels like you



  • The new-ish business owner who’s been in the game for a minute — and is ready to be seen & heard like never before

  • The fearless original who’s sick of the noisy virtual space, and wants to stand out from the copycat crowd

  • The design dabbler with a killer eye for good aesthetics — but isn’t quite sure how it all fits together

  • The gifted hustler who’s studied the greats — and wants to take their place at the table, too

  • The visionary ready to bring their ideas to the world— without fumbling through a few rounds of less-than-awesome branding



To create a brand that looks, feels, and sounds like YOU, across all platforms and projects —




Over and over, I see brilliant entrepreneurs getting stuck on the same question:


Here’s the truth: you know who you are.

You just need a guidance to put the pieces together, and craft a brand that complements your awesome talent, personality, and target people.

(PLUS, build a beautiful creative foundation that makes sense to anyone you choose to hire.)


Be Unmistakable is the branding course you've been waiting for.

it's here to teach you how to create a truly remarkable, badass brand — on your own terms.

The course first launched in 2015, and since then over 150 awesome entrepreneurs enrol + commit to taking their Brand to the next level. 


I’ve spent the past 9 years studying and working in the world of Design + Branding. I've worked with game-changing entrepreneurs — such as Nisha Moodley, Melissa Ambrosini, Kate Byrne, and more — designing next-level Brands and Digital Products that fit their vibe, and opened them up to an even bigger audience. 

I’ve got the process for creating standout Brands down pat.

Now, I’m handing over all that knowledge to you.

I'm more passionate than ever about helping entrepreneurs build businesses that stand out from the masses and reflect their own values + vision, and Be Unmistakable is my way to do that. 



While you’ll get design cheat sheets + templates, this stuff goes much deeper.

Be Unmistakable is on deck to teach you the principles of good design & branding, so you can create your own cohesive, original style from a smart + savvy headspace.

Basically: if your website is your “digital home”, clear knowledge of great branding is your your blueprint, foundation, and interior decorator.

A clear brand vision helps you rise up above the noise, and attract clients, readers, and customers, who LOVE what you’re putting out there, and will follow you to the ends of the earth.

The best part? It’s a road map for you to follow whether you choose to DIY your digital presence, or hire a pro to kick it up a notch.

Even if your services changes as your business grows — the vibe, feeling, and emotional experience of your brand will remain constant, because it's rooted in the deeper soul of what you’re doing.



HERE’S a look at the inside ::

  • Know what it takes to craft a stand-out brand in the online business world
  • Have a deeper understanding of the power of brand consistency: what it means, how to create & sustain it, and how this foundation will see you through for years to come (as you DIY your design, or hire creatives)
  • Feel more clued in to the power of high quality design + a look and feel that’s totally YOU
  • Uncover confidence you didn’t realize you had - and the know-how to put yourself out there in a powerful, unique-to-you way


Lesson One :: it's all you

Lesson One is all about getting to your WHY, and what makes you different from everyone else, and we'll create a rock-solid biz blueprint so you can rock through the rest of the course knowing exactly what your vibe is, and who you're creating for.  

Includes ::

  • What is Branding? Before we dive into ANYTHING we gotta cover the basics, yo.
  • Deep-diving into the GOOD SHIT. Who you are, what your vision is, what your Brand vibe is, and more.
  • + More!


Lesson Two :: what makes good design?

To really understand what makes good Branding, we've gotta take a step back and look at Design and visuals as a whole. This Lesson is all about learning the basics of what makes badass design, and how you can bring it to your own Brand.

Includes ::

  • Understanding the basic principals of design, and how they can help you transform your Branding
  • How to step apart from the rest of your industry
  • Brand Case Studies :: We'll take a look at some of the greats to see how they're killing the game
  • + More!


Lesson Three :: bringing it to your brand

In order to build a truly remarkable Brand, it's important to understand how the VISUALS can play such a big part in your biz. We'll take a look design principals, what consistent design is and why it matters so much; what NOT to do; and we'll also dive into how to create a Brand Style Guide, and SO much more. 

Includes ::

  • Creating a Style Guide (including real-life examples).
  • How to choose colours, photos, and fonts for your Brand, and how to implement them.
  • + More! 


Lesson Four :: keep killing it

We'll talk about how to keep rockin' your Brand vibe into the future, how to grow your business authentically, and so much more. This Lesson is devoted to playing bigger and getting you thinking about how you can show up in a bigger way in your biz and your industry, in a way that feels right to you.

Includes ::

  • Hiring your A-Team 
  • How to keep the dream alive
  • The bi
  • + More!


    There's a few awesome bonuses waiting for you inside your Download folder... But I'm not gonna give it away and tell you what they are! But I'll tell you this :: Their number one goal is to help you up your Branding game, on your own terms. 

    p.s. This course is not about giving you x100 useless bonuses. The Lessons are super straight up — no filler — and it's the same deal with the Bonuses. Useful, fun shit only.  


    so by now YOU MIGHT BE THINKING... 

    'Cool, but what makes this different from other Branding Courses?'


    'How do I know this is a Course I'm actually going to stick to?' 

    Let me tell you a couple of things. 


    This is not a one-size-fits-all 'solution' to Branding. 

    I don't believe Branding can, or should be created from fill-in-the-blank style scripts and templates. I believe we're all here to carve our own path, and it's that which sets us apart. I give you the tools, knowledge, and resources to get out there and figure out YOUR path, on your own terms.

    The course is delivered over 4 Lessons. All juice. No bullshit.

    The 4 Lesson format is juuust the right size, as it's long enough to dive into the content, but not so long that you get bored, or the course starts to feel drawn-out.

    Each Lesson is designed to be fun, punchy, and to-the-point. 


    We like to get shit DONE. 

    There's loads of worksheets included throughout the course, as well as prompts for you to share your progress on Social Media.

    We're all about accountability.

    Doing the work > talking about doing the work.



    And this course is created by me! 

    If you like my style and you resonate with my vibe, then I think you're gonna dig Be Unmistakable! I am no longer offering 1:1 services, so if you've been keen to work with me but you haven't had the chance — this is it.

    I've also spent the last 4 years working with some of the most influential soulpreners in the game, and I know what it takes to craft Brands that stand out from the crowd and are deeply rooted in SOUL and PASSION.

    You're getting everything I've learned about Branding and building a badass business wrapped up in a fun + kickass package, that goes by the name Be Unmistakable.


    stop trying to win at everyone elses game, and start trying to win at your own.

    let's do this.



    p.s. Remember you'll get all of the content as soon as you purchase, so you can start making shit happen asap. 




    • Kick "I'm clueless!" to the curb, and craft a brand vibe you love that feels like you, once and for all
    • Explore your business voice + aesthetic in an awesome group environment
    • Develop your personal brand, and discover as you go, and just get it done already
    • BRING IT, with your ideas, your message, and your eye for aesthetics 

    Then let's do this.
    as soon as you purchase the lessons will be in your inbox.





    To the untrained eye, Sian Richardson is just a do-good-and-live-well Creative Entrepreneur. 

    But with a multitude of Brands, Websites and Digital Products under her belt that ignite bad-ass brand culture, this professional digital nomad puts creating to a level that sparks mass invention, newness and a mentality that provokes a live-outside-the-box approach to the everyday.

    Sian’s hardwired mechanics partly include her Kiwi nature and partly include an agenda to see as much of the world as possible and infuse it into meaningful, kick-ass work — no matter which end of the globe she may find herself. 



    + What happens after I sign up?

    All of the files will be delivered to your Inbox, so you can download errything and start making shit happen. You'll also get weekly emails to guide you through the course, if you need a little extra push. These start from the day you sign up, for 5 weeks.

    + Can I give this as a gift to someone?

    Yeah, you sure can. Send me an email at and we'll make it happen.

    + Do I need to be available at certain times to receive the content or take the course?

    Not really! Even if you sign up now and you aren’t able to complete the course when it starts, you’ll still have access to all of the content so you can start when you’re ready.

    + Do you offer support throughout the course?

    Nope. :)

    + So... no Facebook group or community?

    Nope. :)

    + Do I need any specific apps or programs to complete the course?

    Not specifically, although Photoshop will come in handy, as I include some basic how-to's, along with a few Photoshop templates for you. Download a free 30-day Photoshop trial here. I also include App + Program recommendations throughout the course, so you can pick and choose what will work for you.

    + Do I have lifetime access to the content?

    You sure do! As long as you download all of the files and back them up on your computer, you're then obvs able to access them whenever you like. But in terms of future udpates to the course, or new versions — this is not included.

    + What if the course isn't for me? Do you offer refunds?

    There are no refunds available for Be Unmistakable.

    Still got questions? Flick me an email at and I'll get back to you in no time!


    let's do this.


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